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Updated: Dec 30, 2022

For many years, I have been a freelance violinist and teacher. I still do some of that kind of work, but now I also write, and I find the two complement each other well.

To me, music is proof that we're here to be creative. What other possible purpose does music serve than to probe and release our deepest emotions? The "frisson" that some of us feel on our arms or necks when a concerto is impossibly beautiful is an anatomical response to beauty. We are set up to be creative, and to thrive from that creativity. Our creations explain, in part, the way humanity moves forward, and understands its journey.

When I read Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Big Magic" (and if you haven't read it, you must!) and encountered the part where she describes ideas as sentient beings, the concept for "Giselle and the Little Idea" became very clear to me. I love that her explanation of creativity is something that even very young children can grasp, and one that can also inspire them to be on the lookout for ideas on the loose!

I'm working on several book projects right now. However, I knew there were things missing from my writing, and having been trained in classical music, suspected there was way more to it than just sitting down and putting some thoughts on paper. I signed up for a course, Story Grid, and was soon plunged into a tremendously complex world with its own language for describing how to write. So, I'm absorbing and learning, and applying these wonderful concepts to my own stories. It's an exciting journey, and I'm grateful to have found such an in-depth source that will help to keep me from floundering around.

I am joined in this journey by my husband of forty plus years, Larry Dattilio, a fine art photographer. He too began as a musician and gradually found his way back to photography, an early passion of his. He did the sketches for "Giselle" just to get things rolling. I'm now in the process of finding a real illustrator, but I do love his funny drawings of the Idea!

So, welcome to my website, and my continuing creative journey. I hope your path is as interesting and inspiring as mine has been. Get in touch and let me know, and above all, keep creating.

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This is very insightful Pam! For me, the music pleases my soul, but my late in life pursuit of oil painting has convinced me that I was always "set up to be creative". Somehow I always knew that, but I needed a big bang to make it happen. I am actually so grateful that my life's trauma led me to be where I am today, and as I've been told, I am now doing what I have always been meant to do. I am happy for you that you have also found this new path in life, and I hope you are feeling the joy that being creative can bring to one's life. I can't wait to see the finished…

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